Teosyal® RHA Dynamic Fillers

TEOXANE Laboratories have developed hyaluronic acid-based products for aesthetic medicine. In addition, they extend 10 years of research and aesthetic benefits by integrating their know-how into a complete skincare regime.
Dynamické výplne Teosyal® RHA

TEOXANE Laboratories together with the University of Grenoble have developed an exclusive line of high quality dermal fillers. What makes it unique is that they have considered beauty in its dynamic element. It means that we are not beautiful only when our face is not moving. Our unique charm is created by our smile, the way we frown, articulate… The TEOSYAL RHA line respects your facial expressions while it gently fills in wrinkles, ensures an optimal level of dermal hydration, elasticity and restores the lost volume.

TEOSYAL® RHA products are suitable for all areas of the face that are exposed to frequent movement – lips, around the mouth, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead, and fine lines around the eyes… Each product is specifically adapted for a given area of ​​the face. Application of the products from the TEOSYAL® RHA collection is designed to smooth out wrinkles, ensure optimal hydration of the skin and improve its elasticity in the long term. It also restores facial features and skin vitality. You can frown, smile, express your feelings and still look natural.


Do fine wrinkles around the eyes, under-eye circles or imperfections on your neck and décolleté make you feel unhappy? We have a simple solution to that problem. It is called TEOSYAL RHA 1. During development, the Swiss company TEOXANE Laboratories focused on the fact that our face is in constant motion throughout the day. Beyond static features, your dynamic movements also contribute to your attractiveness. TEOSYAL RHA is designed to support the skin in every move, while helping to preserve the vitality and softness of your face. TEOSYAL RHA 1 is able to stretch and adapt to the movement of the face, which is important when you smile or make any other facial expressions. It perfectly fills the wrinkles and folds on your face, neck and décolleté. It also ensures that an optimal level of dermal hydration is maintained and leads to a long-lasting improvement in the skin’s elasticity. Do not hesitate, with added Lidocaine or local anaesthetic, the procedure is almost painless.


Do you always see more visible wrinkles, deep lines or thin lips when you look in the mirror? The dynamic filler based on hyaluronic acid TEOSYAL RHA 2 will take care of the natural smoothing of wrinkles and lines, which, thanks to the innovative production technology, will perfectly adapt to everyday facial expressions and movements.
TEOSYAL RHA 2 is easily and quickly used to restore facial volume, plump the lips, fill nasolabial folds and restructure facial contours. This product is also a true expert in lip augmentation. It adapts perfectly to every smile, pout or articulation. You will not feel the applied material at all. After application, it hardly swells at all and immediately becomes part of the skin. Added anesthetic – lidocaine for maximum comfort during the application is a matter of course for the TEOSYAL RHA series.


Are you troubled by a deep frown line on your forehead or visible wrinkles that increase with age? Are you worried that the result of the application of fillers will not be natural and the expression of your face will be artificial? In such case, TEOSYAL RHA 3, the filler based on hyaluronic acid, is the right choice for you. TEOSYAL RHA 3 is the perfect fighter against deep facial wrinkles but can also be used to enhance thinned lips. Besides, a local anaesthetic Lidocaine is added for maximum comfort. It is all done naturally and with no swelling!


Does your face look tired, with sagging skin and deep lines? These signs indicate a significant decline in the volume as a person ages. While the soft roundness of cheeks, shapely eyebrows and full facial contours are a symbol of youth, unfortunately, facial skin undergoes dramatic changes with age.
Our cheeks are sunken, various indentations are formed, at the same time the eyelids also drop, the skin sags, most of the volume is found in the lower part of the face and the contours of the chin and jaw are lost. Have you thought of how aesthetic medicine can help you to achieve your dreams but do you fear the risk of pain, unnatural look, stiff facial expressions or swelling? Thanks to the dynamic filler, TEOSYAL RHA 4, you do not have to worry about such side effects. This filler is unique in that it has a high ability to withstand the pressure exerted by our skin on the applied filler. At the same time, it is elastic and adapts to the movements of the face. It is designed to create volume in the cheeks, chin, and temples and it can immediately smooth out very deep wrinkles. If you long for full cheeks without sunken spots again, a more prominent chin and a smooth face, TEOSYAL RHA 4 should be your number one choice.

In order to assess the behaviour of TEOSYAL®RHA gel in a dynamic environment, TEOXANE Laboratories together with the University of Grenoble have developed an exclusive dynamic rheology method (the study of substances during deformation) based on 2 combined characteristics:

  • Behaviour of gel when pulled away in a superficial layer, such as the lips or nasolabial folds
  • Resistance of gel to compression in a deep layer, such as the cheeks or chin

Under stretching or compression, TEOSYAL RHA gels adapt to its environment and keeps its performance. Unparalleled stretch and strength properties.

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