Klinika Tomar, Bratislava

Medicine in the service of beauty

Welcome to the TOMAR clinic, a modern dermatology-laser center, where we have been providing clients with professional skin and body care for 20 years.

Tvárové ošetrenia

Facial treatments

The portfolio of facial treatments consists of comprehensive care for patients with dermatological problems (acne, rosacea, pigment spots, growths, scars…), non-invasive or minimally invasive rejuvenating facial procedures and cosmetic treatments. During a personal consultation, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of treatments suitable for your skin.

Telové ošetrenia

Body treatments

Thanks to the latest trends in the field of aesthetic dermatology, we can reduce the signs of skin aging on problem parts of the body (décolletage, abdomen, arms, thighs, knees, buttocks…), successfully fight against all degrees of cellulite and shape the figure. During a personal consultation, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of treatments suitable for you.

Our Team

Your natural beauty and healthy skin is taken care of by a qualified team of double-certified doctors, experienced nurses and certified beauticians with many years of experience. Our priority is to supply clients with top quality, which is guaranteed by our team of professionals and the most modern world-renowned technologies.

Prim. MUDr. Adriana Tomeková


Adela Vinczeová

“I must admit that due to my work, I devote a regular amount of time to skin care. Since I avoid invasive procedures for now, I try to undergo high-quality skin treatment. In Tomar, wonderful Monika looks after me. Not only does she do an excellent job, but one also relaxes with her as a human being. Sometimes I use a medical device treatment on the advice of Dr. Tomeková, whom I fully trust in this matter.”

Jozef Vajda

„In my opinion, TOMAR offers high quality professional treatments. I have undergone some of them, they are pleasant and effective. They do an excellent job in a lovely environment that feels like a paradise. Highly recommended.“

Branislav Bruno Ciberej

“As I tend to say, when we meet again, we won’t be any younger, but we can be helped a little in terms of our appearance, that’s why I like to use the services of the Tomar clinic. The open and pleasant approach and the latest technologies can do wonders.”

Zita Baranová

„I visited the dermatology-laser clinic Tomar on the basis of a very positive recommendation, and I really have to appreciate that the services are top-notch and the approach to the client is always extremely professional, both on the part of MUDr. Tomeková and the entire staff. I tried both, facial and body LPG treatment. But what is most important for me is that the clinic exceeded my expectations, not only because I saw the results almost immediately, but because I always left as a “new person”, rested and relaxed.“

Kvetka Horváthová

„Problem free glowing skin is a dream of many. To me, Tomar has made this dream come true. Their professional approach, experience, quality and the latest offers from the world of beauty are the main criteria why have put my trust and skin into their hands.“

Eva Pavlíková

„To all, I recommend a new non-invasive NuEra method. It comprises a thermal facial massage with oil. A comprehensive 3- month treatment has produced significant results on my dry skin. The under eye wrinkles, that occur naturally at my age, have not disappeared (it was not even my goal) but they are less visible. As this technology stimulates collagen production, it relieves dryness and thus does not allow my skin to ‘shrink’. Besides, MUDr. Tomeková is a very personable and experienced doctor. The whole procedure lasts about an hour in a wonderfully relaxing environment for your skin and mind.“

Zora Czoborová

„The professional approach of doctor Tomeková, the quality of offered services and an excellent level of dermatological treatments make me believe that I have been in the right hands. After returning from my long-term stay in Los Angeles where I spent some time in one of the top dermatology centres, I went directly to TOMAR. I have been a regular client for several years and I have always been very satisfied with professional advice from MUDr. Tomeková, in particular with products and treatments. And the most important is that I have never experienced any side effects and the result is always perfect. Based upon my own satisfaction and 100% trust in her knowledge and skills, I have many times recommended TOMAR to my clients and relatives who were always satisfied whether they had undergone smaller or bigger treatments. For the same reason I also recommend that you use a wide range of services of this exclusive clinic in which you will be looked after by a nice and helpful team of experts.“

MUDr. Miloš Bubán

„Today it is natural that women and men take care of themselves. We should do so, not only to achieve a better look but also because of health reasons. I have known MUDr. Tomeková, for years and we are good friends. I trust her as a doctor and I regularly use her services, which I am always very satisfied with. Thanks to TOMAR, I have a reason to smile and therefore, I like returning there. Apart from high quality services, I have the possibility to spend time in a relaxing environment, thanks to the pleasant and professional team that doctor Tomeková has created.”

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