Removal of pigment spots

Did you also have an unwanted souvenir from the summer in the form of pigment spots on your skin? If you want to get rid of them, we will be happy to help you with that. We can fight pigment spots in several ways, depending on their extent.

Stable and reliable methods include photorejuvenation, which uses unique IPL technology. It is one of the most effective methods today. Skin containing pigment absorbs a targeted light pulse, which destroys the pigment spot thanks to the generated thermal energy. IPL gently destroys pigment cell structures, while being considerate of the surrounding tissues and not burning the skin.

Another effective treatment is the application of a laser beam, which penetrates the lower layer of the skin and then breaks the pigment into small particles. They are gradually washed out of the body.

We also remove pigment spots with a laser and the so-called chemical peeling (AHA acids, TCA peeling…), or a combination thereof. In cooperation with each other, they soften the skin texture, instantly smooth, brighten and unify the skin tone. They shrink enlarged pores and help lighten pigmentation.

For younger clients and with a lighter form of hyperpigmentation, we choose treatment with chemical peeling with glycolic acid or deep peeling with trichloroacetic acid, which will remove fine pigmentation and at the same time whiten significant spots. The result of this treatment is the peeling off of the old skin layer with the help of a regenerative serum. If you decide to peel, expect several sessions until the hyperpigmentation completely disappears.

In the mildest cases, we recommend the use of a whitening cream, the effect of which will only appear after a few weeks or months of use. If you decide on any type of skin whitening, keep in mind that the skin should rest during the summer months and you should wait until autumn for the procedures.

However, the most important thing is photoprotection, i.e. protecting the skin from UV radiation with high-quality creams with a high SPF.

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