Premium treatments Face Endermolift + Juvena / Sothys Paris

The unique combination of Face Endermolift with the Cellu M6® Alliance device and intensive treatments from Juvena and Sothys Paris supports collagen production and gives the skin a 100% natural look. The skin is smooth, bright, detoxified and firm immediately after the treatment. Treatments give the skin a youthful appearance, reduce wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.
Premium ošetrenia LPG Alliance + Sothys Paris

Thanks to the express effect, we recommend these treatments when you need to brighten up the skin immediately and make it tighter. For example, before a special event such as a ball, celebration, wedding, etc.

Premium – Bright look

LPG Alliance Endermolift M6 – eye area

Brighten up your look to the max! A unique method that naturally increases the production of own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, immediately detoxifies, softens wrinkles and removes puffiness under the eyes. The new LPG Alliance treatment is complemented by the highly protective SOTHYS Paris eye area treatment for targeted support and an even more comprehensive result. SOTHYS Paris treatment specially designed for the eye area helps to immediately reduce the feeling of tiredness and aging using four steps. By combining the therapist’s hands with porcelain spoons designed especially for SOTHYS, it makes this treatment a unique moment for your eyes. Porcelain spoons are cooled and used to eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. We then apply an anti-aging serum enriched with a vitamin and protective complex to the eye contours and complete it with a relaxing massage with a massage cream that contains hyaluronic acid, macadamia and shea oil. Thanks to their effects, these ingredients hydrate, smooth and nourish the delicate eye area. At the end of the procedure, we apply a smoothing mask with a cooling eye pad for immediate tightening of the eye area.


Premium – Intensive rejuvenation

Targeted stimulation of the skin’s own resources for its visible rejuvenatio

LPG Alliance Endermolift M6 – face & neck

This specially developed technology supports the production of collagen and gives the skin a 100% natural look. The skin is smoothed, brightened, firmed, with a youthful appearance, wrinkles are reduced and skin elasticity is restored. LPG Alliance is supplemented with the Rejuvenating Intensive Treatment of SOTHYS Paris with the BP3 complex.
This highly effective treatment combines ultra-targeted products with professional Sothys application methods and guarantees the effectiveness of this professional treatment based on five key steps and more than eight specific textures. In addition, you will experience a real feeling of relaxation for visibly younger skin. Sothys’ advanced research has proposed βP3 Tri Complex ™, which combines two active ingredients with a new generation of peptides to protect the youthful appearance and slow down the signs of aging at any age with a double action. Get radiant skin that restores the brightness of its youth and allows you to feel and look younger than you are!


Premium – Perfect contours

Restored skin and perfect “V” facial contours!

LPG Alliance Endermolift M6 – face contours and décolleté

Targeted treatment of the contours of the face and décolleté thanks to the stimulation of collagen and elastin with the help of Endermolift forms and lifts the contours of the face and softens wrinkles on the neck and décolleté. LPG Alliance is complemented by the professional treatment Perfect Shape SOTHYS Paris. The Perfect Shape treatment was specially created for clients with the problem of sagging facial contours, décolleté, deepening wrinkles and double chin. Thanks to intensive massage strokes in combination with Perfect Shape serum, the face is visibly shaped. Subsequent application of a smoothing mask and a firming mask creates an effective protective net on the skin, which soothes out deep wrinkles on the neck and lifts the contours of the face. The treatment has a double – shutting down and toning effect. The result is visibly renewed skin from the cheekbones to the décolleté.

Price list

Premium packages

PREMIUM – Ergolift (Endermolift) M6 /25 min./ + Luminous gaze + Perfect Shape

120 min.
125,00 €

PREMIUM – Ergolift (Endermolift) M6 /25 min./+ Hydra 4Ha

120 min.
120,00 €

PREMIUM – Ergolift (Endermolift) M6 /25 min./+ Intensive ßP3 rejuvenation

120 min.
135,00 €

PREMIUM – Ergolift (Endermolift) M6 /25 min./ + Luminous gaze

60 min.
95,00 €

PREMIUM – Ergolift (Endermolift) M6 /25 min./ + Radiomesolift

M6 + RML face
140,00 €
M6 + RML face, neck
155,00 €
M6 + RML face, neck, décolleté
(60-90 min.)
190,00 €

PREMIUM - Radiomesolift + MIRACLE treatment

205,00 €
RML face, neck + MIRACLE
220,00 €
RML face, neck, décolleté + MIRACLE
(120 min.)
245,00 €

PREMIUM – Radiomesolift + Hydra 4Ha

RML face + Hydra
190,00 €
RML face, neck + Hydra
205,00 €
RML face, neck, décolleté + Hydra
(120 min.)
230,00 €

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