Miracle treatment

90 minutes of care and beautification. Unique rejuvenating treatment with popular JUVENA "Miracle" products. This advanced rejuvenating treatment provides the skin with thorough cleansing, rest and relaxation.

Thanks to the Master Care Bio Fleece Mask, your skin will regain its lost hydration, volume and smoothness. It also includes an eye treatment that brightens the eye area and softens the effects of aging factors quickly and very effectively. As a result, you can enjoy a small miracle – brightened skin. The treatment is suitable for all skin types. We recommend it especially to clients who:


  • Are looking for a unique beautifying ritual with visible rejuvenating results
  • Want to supplement the treatment so that it also includes a relaxation program for the eye area
  • Want deep, refreshing and at the same time gentle cleansing of the skin

Price list

Intensive Juvena treatments

Caviar GOLD premium treatment make-up removal, shea butter peeling with detox oil, 3x serum, lift mask, massage with 9-carat gold plates / eyes, countours/, massage with TKD caviar, caviar serum, hydra mask, gold mask, acupressure, final cream

90 min.
135,00 €

GOLD treatment make-up removal, shea butter peeling, 3x serum, massage with gold plates, massage /face, neck, décolleté/, gold mask, acupressure, hydra serum, eye cream, face cream

90 min.
120,00 €

MIRACLE treatment make-up removal, shea butter peeling, booster essence, 2x serum, lift massage / face, neck, décolleté/, massage TKD, mask, serum, eye cream, face cream

90 min.
105,00 €

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Mesorejuvenation is a minimally invasive therapeutic procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin in a very natural way without the intervention of a plastic surgeon.

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