Oxygen therapy

Oxygen treatment for overall skin treatment with an immediate lifting effect. The essence of the treatment is the application of highly concentrated oxygen in combination with effective serums directly on the skin.

Aging skin causes it to lose its ability to absorb oxygen directly from the atmosphere, reducing its natural hydration.

The OXYS device draws oxygen from the surrounding air and creates its “pure” flow with a concentration of up to 95%. Oxygen therapy increases the level of oxygen in the skin and thus stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The result is a significant reduction of fine wrinkles and detoxification of the skin. The effect is visible 48 hours after the treatment. The skin is renewed, smoothed and radiant.

Oxygen therapy is used for facial and local body treatments.

Types of treatments and serums:

  • Against pigment spots
  • For sensitive and dehydrated skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Treatment regulating oily skin

Price list

Oxygen facial treatment

Application of oxygen with boric water

from 15,00 €

Application of oxygen with serum

20,00 €
Face + neck
25,00 €
Face + neck + décolleté
30,00 €

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