LPG Alliance – Ergolift (Endermolift)

The LPG Alliance treatment - ERGOLIFT (ENDERMOLIFT) is a perfect combination of two patented LPG® technologies – a motorized roller with a motorized flap and a synchronized sequential vacuum. It provides a completely new way of automatically activating skin tissue.
LPG Alliance - Ergolift (Endermolift)

This treatment is used to instantly brighten and brighten skin and smooth wrinkles for 24 hours. It is enough to apply it once if you have an important event ahead of you on a specific day, where you need to look perfect immediately. We therefore recommend it if you are going to a ball, wedding, date or an important work meeting. This specially developed technology supports the production of collagen and gives the skin a 100% natural appearance, reduces wrinkles and restores skin elasticity. The skin is smoothed, brightened and firmed after the treatment.


Endermolift is a natural face lift without the need to undergo painful surgery. It presents a technology that was specially developed to prevent skin aging and slow down its process in the face, neck and décolleté area. It has much deeper effects than any other method and helps the skin restore its firmness and elasticity completely naturally. This device enables a natural face-lift, as its action stimulates the skin itself to create hyaluronic acid and collagen, which disappear from our body over time and the skin therefore loses its contours and sags.

During the treatment, we create rhythmic continuous mechanical micro impulses that penetrate deeper into the skin and stimulate it. We treat every centimeter of skin evenly and effectively in three dimensions. The procedure is focused on the contours of the eyes, face, neck, décolleté, shoulders and breasts. Each treatment helps to achieve an increasingly firmer and younger looking skin and is intended for women and men over 18 years of age.


A program for every skin type

The special innovative Ergolift therapeutic head (new LPG patent) has an integrated micro-motor for two-dimensional Mecano-stimulationTM stimulation: vertical (sequential suction) and horizontal (valve oscillation speed). It has several computer-controlled programs, for example, a program for problematic skin, intended for young people, a program for fighting wrinkles from the age of 25, a program for sagging skin for people with sagging facial contours, a lymphatic drainage program for all skin types, or a program specially designed for facial swelling and eyes but also with problems with a double chin.

You will feel the effect of firming and smoothing of the skin already after completing the first treatment. You will achieve visible results in terms of softening of wrinkles, longer-term firming of the skin, smoothing of facial contours after completing 10 treatments, during which new collagen formation occurs and elastic fibers increase. The effect of smooth skin will then last for four to five months. It can be extended for six or more months with maintenance treatments once or twice a month. The facial treatment lasts 30 to 60 minutes and can be done at any time of the year.

Results of facial treatment after the first procedure:

+ 80% hyaluronic acid
+ 87% filling of fine lines and wrinkles
+ 70% tightening of facial contours
Twice more brightened skin

Price list

LPG Alliance Endermologie® face ergolift (endermolift)

Ergolift (Endermolift) M6

30 min. / 1 treatment
50,00 €
30 min. / 5 treatments
240,00 €
30 min. / 10 treatments
470,00 €
40 min. / 1 treatment
65,00 €
40 min. / 5 treatments
320,00 €
40 min. / 10 treatments
620,00 €
20 min. / 1 treatment
35,00 €
25 min. / 1 treatment
40,00 €

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