Intensive Detox Energia™ treatment

Detoxification of the skin and supply of the necessary energy. This intensive professional treatment energizes the skin and helps it defend against the harmful effects of environmental stress that can accelerate its aging.
Intenzívne ošetrenie Detox Energia™

Environmental pollution is a form of aggression that can affect you regardless of where you live (city or country) and is confirmed to be the cause of premature skin aging at various levels:

  • BIOLOGICAL – Polluting substances trigger chain reactions.
  • CELLULAR – Pollution drains energy from cells. It causes an overall increase in skin reactivity, clogging of pores and dehydration, which results in an initial weakening of the skin (dull skin, roughness, imbalance, uneven skin, and disturbed skin microbiome).

Intensive detox energy treatment oxygenates, cleans, strengthens the skin, and gives it vitality and brightness, thus contributing to a more youthful appearance. The basis of the treatment is a trio of exclusive active substances for pollution protection/detoxification/energy supply:

  • Organic Black Elderberry extract
  • Organic Siberian ginseng
  • Detox peptides

The treatment is suitable for all skin types throughout the year.


For the treatment, it is possible to purchase products for home use for daily skin protection, which preserve its vitality and visibly fight against aging.

This extremely gentle and light serum has been developed to help and protect the skin in any situation in the fight against the harmful effects of oxidative stress, which significantly affects skin aging.

The result: cleansed, firmed and oxygenated skin that looks younger and its vitality is significantly restored. The skin is radiant and fresh. This ultra-concentrated serum has a light texture that allows it to be used as a first step before using other serums and optimizes the effectiveness of the cream used afterwards.

Pollution can be the cause of an imbalance in the microflora of our skin. The skin is weakened and loses its natural defense function. Detoxifying, energizing, rebalancing cream restores the radiance of any skin, even dull and stressed. Its secret: a marine complex that balances the skin and helps strengthen its defenses and protect it from everyday stress. Result: the skin is enriched and detoxified, its balance and comfort are gradually restored. Its natural glow is revived, it looks visibly younger.

This formula works like a barrier against pollution. Its innovative dropper bottle provides just the right amount of protection, every day while enveloping the skin in an ultra-comfortable hydrating veil.

The energizing radiance ampoules act as an instant transparent mask to visibly diminish wrinkles. They contain smoothing/tightening duo extracts from beech buds and almond biofibres.

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