Rejuvenating intensive treatment with βP3 tri complex

The highly sophisticated Sothys rejuvenating treatment is 1 hour and 15 minutes of targeted care to significantly reduce the signs of aging.
Omladzujúce intenzívne ošetrenie s βP3 tri complex-om

It combines ultra-targeted products with expert Sothys application methods and guarantees effectiveness based on five key steps and more than eight specific textures. In addition, it offers 75 minutes of relaxation for visibly younger skin. It reduces wrinkles, slows down the signs of aging and restores skin brightness.

Sothys advanced research has designed βP3 Tri Complex™, which combines two active ingredients (saffron, sophora) with a new generation of double-hit peptides:

  • Fights against oxidative stress
  • Fights against the signs of chronological aging

Saffron flower polyphenols are byproducts of saffron processing. Polyphenols are extracted from dried flowers. They have an excellent effect against free radicals. Origin: Quercy/France.

Treatment benefits:

  • Visible results after just one treatment
  • 88% satisfaction with the overall anti-wrinkle effect
  • 94% satisfaction with the firming effect
  • 30% smoothing of wrinkles
  • 35% strengthening of skin firmness

After three treatments 1 week apart, Sothys noted:

  • 100% satisfaction with the overall anti-wrinkle effect
  • 100% satisfaction with the overall firming effect
  • 51% smoothing of wrinkles
  • 50% strengthening of skin firmness

After three treatments, the skin is rejuvenated by about 6 years.

Sothys therapists are professional beauty experts who are happy to advise you and are authorized to recommend you an individual rejuvenating protocol Fil de vie TM, which combines Intensive professional treatment in the salon with Rejuvenating serums and Rejuvenating creams.

To protect the skin every day.



Vitality Rejuvenating Cream – (25-35 years)

Fine wrinkles – loss of radiance of the skin

Main active ingredients: Phytic acid (from rice) fine and natural keratolytic acid, which acts on gentle renewal. Chrono-energizing complex. A real source of energy for recharging “cell batteries” and boosting cellular metabolism.


Anti-wrinkle rejuvenating cream – (35-45 years)

Deeper wrinkles – loss of elasticity (there are two textures to choose from)

Main active substances: Liposome complex (dipeptides and milk thistle extract) visible smoothing of wrinkles. Yeast extract – tonic enhancement.


Shutdown rejuvenating cream – (45-55 years)

Loss of strength – wrinkles (there are two textures to choose from)

Main active ingredients: Hibiscus seed extract for skin elasticity. Plant stem cells for visible reduction of wrinkles, pigment spots and skin sagging.


Reconstructive rejuvenating cream – (55-65 years)

Flabby skin – dark spots – wrinkles

Main active ingredients: Chicory root extract (as vitamin D). And yeast-derived peptides (such as calcium). Visibly fights loose and sagging skin (visible reduction of pigment spots) restores the skin barrier. Marine exopolysaccharides for visible reduction of wrinkles.


Firming rejuvenating cream – (65+)

Loss of skin vitality

Main active ingredients: Kombucha extract (fermented Black Tea “elixir of long life”). Visible wrinkle reduction and filling. “Lipofilling” effect without surgery. Uronic acid and Bambara pea extract – skin rejuvenation. Alisma peptides – strengthen skin protection.

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Price list

Intensive treatments Sothys Paris

SECRETS de SOTHYS excellence ritual
make-up removal, AHA-PHA peeling, massage balsam, filling massage, lifting and firming serum, Digi-Esthetique massage, mask, La Creme 128 applied with porcelain spoons

90 min.
150,00 €

Rejuvenating ßP3 treatment
make-up removal, scrub, anti-wrinkle and lifting serum, massage face + neck + décolleté, 3x mask, relaxing massage movements, rejuvenating serum, finishing cream, eye cream

90 min.
105,00 €

Hydrating treatment - HYDRA 4Ha. Hyaluronic Acid
make-up removal, hydra balm, scrub paste, 3x serum, hydrating technique, massage face + neck + décolleté, mask + elixir, serum, finishing cream

90 min.
90,00 €

Energizing treatment - DETOX WITH SIBERIAN GINSENG
make-up removal, peeling, steam, facial cleansing, nitrogen, , specific hand energy movements with serum, massage, Vitamin C, 2x mask, relaxing movements, finishing cream

90 - 120 min.
95,00 €

Brightening treatment
make-up removal, AC peeling, brightening essence, concentrated serum, mask with vit. C, massage, brightening mask, dark spot serum, final cream/

90 min.
95,00 €

PERFECT SHAPE - reshapes and redefines the facial contours
make-up removal, rejuvenating serum, perfect shape movements, 2x mask, serum, finishing cream

60 min.
60,00 €

High protection eye treatment
make-up removal, biological skin peeling, serum, 2x massage - manual, porcelain spoons, mask, eye cream, massage using porcelain spoons

60 min.
65,00 €

High protection eye treatment
additional treatment

60 min.
35,00 €

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