Scalpel-free facial skin rejuvenation, exclusively in TOMAR!

It is the latest, minimally invasive procedure for facial rejuvenation.

Besides its firming effect to the skin, it also eliminates wrinkles/fine lines, evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation, scars, spider veins and closes pores. It is a preferred procedure for deep hydration and treating acne.

Mesorejuvenation is a combination of the following:

1. Using a series of micro injections, we apply several ingredients such as vitamins, trace elements and hyaluronic acid. Fine needles enhance the delivery of the active ingredients directly into the skin by about 80%. As such, the process stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Thus, Mesorejuvenation improves the appearance of the skin. 

2. The second phase includes a laser treatment of hyperpigmentation, telangiectasias, scars and wrinkles. It triggers the body to produce new collagen, elastin fibres and capillaries. 

Facial treatment: 300 Eur

Treatment duration: 20 min

Face, neck and décolleté: 40 min 

Number of treatments: we recommend a course of 5 sessions at 3-week intervals

Convalescence: makeup can be applied, no downtime

Who is it for?

It is mainly suitable for women and men over 40; active people who want to appear youthful again and look for non-invasive rejuvenation procedures with no downtime. 

  • Mesorejuvenation is natural and currently one of the most popular non-surgical treatments
  • Results will last up to 3 years
  • Effect is immediately visible 

Contraindications: pregnancy, blood clotting disorder, herpes simplex, autoimmune and oncological diseases.

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